Busy on the Homestead...

We have been very busy on the homestead, through March, and now that kidding season is over for us, it seams like we’re always working!  A few things that we’ve been working on: Installing new kidding stalls for our does. Fixing the turkey coop, adding a nesting box to the turkey coop. Planting the greenhouse, Putting up a wind break in the feed area. All 7 of our does have kidded – Pictures and info for each doe will be uploaded in the next few days. Our first doe to kid was our beautiful WesCo Kara, she kidded April 1, 2023 as a first time Freshener.

WesCo Kara, Kidded April 01, 2023. She had triplet bucklings. WesCo F Legolas is available. AGS/ADGA register-able. Polled, precocious, adorable little buck. $400 – He’s polled! Please Contact Us for  pedigree and more information. 

WesCO F Legolas. Sire is WesCo B Finan, AGS Registered, will be ADGA registered as soon as ADGA fixes their system! Legolas is a healthy 2 month old POLLED buckling. Ready to be weaned and go to his forever home. Asking $400 – please Contact Us for Pedigree information. He is adorable, precocious, and very loveable. Negotiable – Ask!

WesCo F Legolas
Wesco F Legolas, Available