We like to stay in touch with the people we’ve sold our kids or adult goats to, to make sure everyone is happy, healthy, and to help in any way we can, if needed.

Back in June of this year (2023) we sold our last two unregistered girls to a wonderful lady in New Mexico. She sent us an update back in July – I apologize for the delay in getting this posted – I had foot surgery July 21, and a lot of things  didn’t get updated due to my recovery. Here are some pictures of the escapades of Lyanna and Ygritte in their new home.

Lyanna and Ygitte Chillin' at their new home, July 2023
Ygritte and Lyanna grazing at their new home, July 2023
Lyanna at her new home July 2023
Ygritte at her new home July 2023