WesCo Farms Pyrenean Mountain Dogs

We currently have seven (7) Pyrenean Mountain Dogs, and a Lab mix. We are NOT breeders – although we  may at some future time breed Eowyn and Uhtred, we do NOT breed for profit. We do have two gorgeous, intact males – if you are interested in breeding your female Pyr, please Contact Us.

The Pack:

WesCo Farms Pyrenese Mtn Dog Pack
The Pyr Pack - Left to right: Hector, Daenerys, Talina, Alienore, Eowyn, Uhtred, Lagertha

Our Boys: Contact Us if interested in breeding your female.

Hector the Protector, on guard - 2022
Uhtred - our Blaireau male - 2022

Our Girls:

Eowyn - Our Alpha female. She's Alert!
Happy Lagertha - 12/2022
Talina - Chillin - 12/2022
Luna - chillin 12/2022
Daenerys - 1 of Eowyn's "pups" posing 12/2022
Alienore - Smiling for the camera - 12/2022 1 of of Eowyn's pups