Life on the Homestead...

I haven’t updated the website with news for several months, several things have happened that have kept me very busy and preoccupied. We have been busy making cheese and soap, and fighting some heartbreak (not on our ranch, but a kid we sold was lost in October, and I haven’t had the heart to update about it.) A lot of other things have kept us busy too…

In case you didn’t know it, all three of us are aspiring writers. I’ve been trying to do some editing on my own story, and Lucas’ story. Wes has published 3 short stories on Amazon Kindle – You can check them out here: Wesley Johnson, Surviving LifeWesley Johnson, The Homestead Hit Man : A Rane Sundry StoryWesley Johnson, The Last Hurrah of Cullin Goss

We also have five does bred from this Fall’s breeding: WesCo Kara was bred to our boy WesCo Cesare (he escaped in September -and we weren’t quite quick enough to grab him before he “desecrated” Kara, lol) Kara is due February 21, 2024. We bred our girl WesCo Athena to WesCo Cesare (this breeding was planned!) she is due April 8th or 9th, and our girls WesCo Gisela – due April 15th, Wesco Sansa – due April 4th, and Siggy (Desertnanny GO Carmel Latte) – due April 17th to April 20th – not positive of Siggy’s due date… all three of these girls were bred to our gorgeous proven buck HJ Summit Finan. Please check out our Meet Our Herd page. If you have any questions, or would like to inquire about reserving a kid from our 2024 Spring kidding season, please Contact Us

WesCo Kara 2023
WesCo Kara, due February 21, 2024
WesCo Sansa, due April 4th 2024
WesCo Athena, due April 8th or 9th 2024
WesCo Gisela, due April 15th 2024
"Siggy" - Desertnanny GO Carmel Latte, due between April 17 & 20th, 2024