Love the Skin You’re in! Our Anise/Vanilla Goat Milk Soap smells divine! Try it, it’s not over-powering, has a subtle yet wonderful scent. Anise is good for acne and oily skin, and vanilla combined with it smells wonderful! I love this soap!

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Anise_Vanilla_SoapOur Anise/Vanilla soap smells divine! Okay, I know you’re saying “But it’s Licorice.” I hate the smell of black licorice, but when you mix it with vanilla, Mm, heavenly! Plus, It contains anethole, which has astringent properties. It is good for treating acne, psoriasis, and oily skin. It has also been used by fishermen and hunters to help eliminate odors. Ours, however, is not over-powering, and when combined with Vanilla, has a wonderful scent.