Unscented Goat’s Milk Soap


100% Pure, all natural, unscented goat’s milk soap. Treat yourself to clean skin with no chemicals, colors or preservatives. Goat’s milk is great for acne, eczema, inflammation, and dry skin. Love the skin you’re in!

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Unscented Goats Milk SoapOur pure, 100% Natural Unscented Goat’s milk Soap has no added preservatives, scents or other harsh chemicals (all of our soaps are 100% natural.) Our unscented has the following ingredients: Coconut oil, Canola oil, Olive oil, and Sunflower oil. It contains Sodium Hydroxide (Lye) which is made from wood ash, and is the “saponifier” in our soaps. Once soap cures, the lye is no longer “lye” it goes through a process called saponification which when fully cured, the lye is no longer lye, but binds with the oils and milk to create a mild, wonderfully cleansing soap.  Pure Goat’s milk soap (meaning we use milk to mix with our lye mixture, not water) and with the oils we use, it creates a soothing, clean soap with no added perfumes, dyes or chemicals. Treat yourself to ALL NATURAL CLEAN!